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  • I slowly climbed the heighest volcano in Bali.
  • I slept on a small boat with 30 other people for 4 nights just to see dragons called Komodo, which could have eaten me alive.
  • I rode my lovely scooter for 5 hours straight to go snorkeling.
  • I eat pizza and hamburger with fork, knife, and even chopsticks.
  • I love coding as much as trying to kick my leg to my head.
  • You can find me upside down sometimes.

I am a recent graduate passionate about technology, visual arts, and travel. I am looking for opportunities to contribute and improve my skills in computer science and visual arts as well as my knowledge in economics. I have worked with various non-profit organizations to improve their internal and external communication. My goal is to leverage technologies to reduce poverty and empower women.

I am adventurous and comfortable getting out of my comfort zone. My proudest adventure was backpacking solo across Eastern Indonesia, where I learnt about the values of trust and uncertainty. Growing up in Hanoi, Vietnam, I cross busy scooter-filled streets without fear and enjoy pho cuon and banh bot loc. I have spent the past 7 years studying in the U.S. and traveling.

In my free time, I enjoy reading books, editing photos, painting and practicing yoga :)